Canon grew up in Mesa, AZ and is third oldest of ten (yeah, I thought I had a big family and then here he comes)! He can hit a baseball better than anyone in a D3 college division and spends his time taking care of our little fam and making me laugh for days on end. Before we got married I would always say, "its a good thing we’re best friends because when we are both old and ugly I know that I will laugh everyday for the rest of my life."


I grew up in Las Vegas, NV, am the youngest of seven, and am OBSESSED with anything crime and horror (any American Horror Story fans out there?!). I would eat veggie over meat any day and love puppies, specifically my dog child Maisy. If you like to laugh and have a good time, I promise we will be fast friends.


A lil' more about kjersti and canon

While we've been a married biz duo for over five years, our story starts all the way back at Southern Virginia University, where we both went to school and met. I (Kjersti) was actually the one who asked Canon out on the first date, I couldn't let someone else snatch him up lol. Fast forward two and a half years and boom, we're married! Fun fact, two weeks before we were supposed to get married, thaaaats when the whole country shut down due to the pandemic. So, all of our plans were just thrown out the window; nonetheless, we had a small little ceremony in Arizona with the beautiful Superstition Mountain in the background. Nowadays, if we aren't shooting or traveling, you can catch us cuddled up watching a movie eating Taco Bell, or playing with our dog child, Maisy. In reality though, we are on and off red-eyes or driving hours across states, a lot. But, we do it because we LOVE it, and we can't wait to see where our business takes us next.

Kjersti's & Canon's Story










Nevada (Last Vegas)


Below includes a list of our current travel schedule; if you're a couple who lives close to any of these places (or just wants to fly on over with us), hit us up!

If you couldn't tell... we don't just like to travel, we made it our freaking business. 


Browse some of our wedding weekend timelines, drafted to encourage some ideas for your adventure!

Need Some Inspo?

At The Top Of Our Bucket List
Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Croatia, Portugal, Cape Town, Australia, England (UK), Morocco, Turkey, Iceland

Some More of Our Bucket Destinations
Singapore, Greece, Argentina, Costa Rica, Sweden, Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Ireland 


The Oregon Coast, Lake Powell, White Sands National Park, The Florida Keys, The Outer Banks

Maine, Florida, Washington, Montana, California

United States

I mean, of course we have a travel bucket list!!! If you're up for an adventure with us in one of these places, inquire for an 10% discount!

Bucket List Destinations

  • Arrive
  • Elephant Day, just the couple
  • White Water Rafting or Jungle Tour, with the fam/friends
  • Beach Rehearsal or Island Hopping Boat Tour, with the fam/friends
  • The Wedding, with everyone
  • Cave Exploration plus Picnic, just the couple or with the fam/friends

Thailand Timeline

  • Arrive
  • Sail Boat Day with Wine, with the fam/friends
  • Snorkel or Moped City Exploration, and Food Class, just the couple
  • The Wedding, with everyone
  • Coffee and Brunch, just the couple or with the fam/friends

Croatia Timeline

  • Arrive
  • Hike to Thermal Pool, just the couple
  • The Wedding - Drive up to the cliff above black sand beach get married, and then paraglide off the cliff. Imagine saying "I do" and then jumping off a cliff.
  • Sight Seeing, just the couple or with the fam/friends

Iceland Timeline

  • Arrive
  • Dive with Whale Sharks or in Cenotes, just the couple
  • Boat Party Rehearsal, with the fam/friends
  • The Wedding, with everyone
  • Taco Brunch, just the couple or with the fam/friends

Cancun/Tulum Timeline

  • Arrive
  • Paraglide over Cape Town or Scuba with Seals, just the couple
  • Air Bnb Pool Party or Rehearsal, with the fam/friends
  • The Wedding, with everyone
  • Penguin Beach and Trash the Dress, just the couple or with the fam/friends

Cape Town Timeline

$350  for One Hour

I am an OPEN BOOK. I will gladly dump any knowledge that I have that has helped me grow my business to help you grow yours!! We can go over editing, client experience, camera settings, really just anything that you might think I can help you with. These will be 1 hr zoom meetings with the option to add on another hour in person session where I set up a session and go through how i pose and prompt couples!!!

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